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Ankaa Exchange offers a diverse range of assets, utilizing custom price feeds for accurate pricing. Our fully synthetic assets ensure no direct exchange of specified assets between Ankaa Exchange and traders or among traders themselves.
Ankaa Exchange provides Five distinct asset categories: Crypto, Forex, NFT floors, Commudities and Stocks. Each asset type and associated pair features unique Funding Rates and Open Interest Limits due to varying levels of volatility. As the margin pool expands, Ankaa Exchange plans to introduce more pairs in response to community demand. Ankaa Exchange's innovative synthetic framework enhances liquidity and capital effectiveness, enabling exceptionally low trading fees and an extensive selection of leverages and pairs. This includes up to:
  • 100x for crypto
  • 1000x for forex & commodities
  • 100x for stocks
  • 10x for NFT floor prices
Experience a new level of trading flexibility with Ankaa Exchange.